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CBD-Infused Coffee Sales in Bridgeport, WV

HempWorks in Bridgeport, WV, sells both CBD-infused coffee and tea. We offer a handful of delicious, warm flavors to please every palate. CBD-infused coffee acts as a mood booster, and eases anxiety and depression symptoms. Coffee and CBD are rich in antioxidants, and these antioxidants work to reduce swelling, inflammation, and other forms of pain. CBD-infused coffee promotes cardiovascular health, improves focus, and relieves stress. If you are looking for ways to combat anxiety or various other chronic pain, CBD-infused coffee may be for you. It will help you to keep your mind at ease, and improve focus to help you succeed in your daily tasks.

Call HempWorks at (304) 694-2472, or contact us online to learn more about CBD-infused coffee, or stop by to try it out for yourself along with a delicious hemp snack bar.

Stop by and chat with us about our CBD infused coffees and teas.

Find the Perfect Hemp and Hemp-Based Gifts at HempWorks

HempWorks in Bridgeport, WV, provides a large assortment of hemp-based novelties. We offer Hempy’s t-shirts, lip balms, aromatherapy candles, jewelry, and more. Our t-shirts consist of a blend of hemp and cotton, making them durable and incredibly comfortable. CBD and hemp-based lip balm works similarly to our personal care items, as it helps to repair and restore dry and damaged skin.

A list of our hemp and hemp-based gifts includes:

•CBD Personal Care
•CBD Lotion
•RSHO™ CBD Supplements
•CBD Skin Care
•Pet Treats
•CBD Infused Coffee
•CBD Infused Tea

•Hemp Snack Bars
•Hemp and Cotton T-Shirts
•CBD Lip Balm
•Aromatherapy Candles
•Aromatherapy Jewelry
•Vape Liquid
•CBD Oil

If you are prone to dry and chapped lips, stop by HempWorks to pick up a Hempy’s lip balm, or check out our wide variety of hemp-based gifts and merchandise.

HempWorks Carries a Variety of Aromatherapy Gifts

Stop by HempWorks today to see our large variety of aromatherapy options. We carry aromatherapy candles and jewelry to help sooth a range of ailments. By adding essential oils to your jewelry, you will be amazed at the benefits this jewelry will provide you.

Aroma therapy helps to increase mood and emotional stability. Contact HempWorks today to see what we have for you.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect scent or method.

Looking for ways to warm up your home and treat yourself at the same time? Stop by and see our fine selection of aromatherapy candles and garden growing kits!

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Find aromatherapy candles and gardening kits at HempWorks in Bridgeport, WV.
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Essential oils will clear your sinuses and help promote a better immune system.
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HempWorks provides esstional oils and aroma oils
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