Digestive Support CBD Capsules




HempMeds Everyday Wellness Digestive Support CBD capsules are designed to promote a healthy, happy digestive tract. Each CBD capsule is comprised of a meticulous blend of carefully selected natural ingredients that, when combined with CBD, infuse your digestive system with goodness.

Digestion is a complex process that involves several organs and bodily functions. Small dietary changes can have a great impact on one or more of these functions, which is why it’s important to bolster your diet with ingredients that help your digestive system operate at peak performance. Everyday Wellness Digestive Support CBD products are formulated to do just that.

Here’s what you’ll find in each capsule:  450 mg Full-spectrum CBD oil (15 mg of CBD per capsule), Digestive enzymes, peppermint, fennel seed, and Vitamin E.

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Weight 7 oz