Willow Forest Laser Cut Metal Essential Oil Diffuser


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Surrounded by willow tree cut-outs with serene internal lighting, this diffuser brings an elegant natural touch to your home even when it’s not in use. But the Willow Forest diffuser is much more than a lovely addition to your home décor. It utilizes our patented ultrasonic technology to create an ultrafine mist that disperses water and essential oil vapors, ensuring superior diffusion.

For soothing ambiance, this diffuser features rotating LED colored lights (blue, green, red, and purple), which can be turned on/off at your convenience. To operate, simply fill reservoir halfway with warm tap water (please note: not cold or purified water). Add 5 to 6 drops of essential oils and fill to fill line, then turn the unit on.

Capacity: 170ml. Room Size: Up to 1000 sq. ft. Run Time: Up to 6 hours. Features auto shut off when unit runs out of water.

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