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Inspire heightened feelings of passion, warmth and sweetness with this blissfully crafted CBD love brew.  Lightly floral, delicately sweet, and with a pinch of Ginger spice to raise the eyebrow.  Ideal for both men and women.

Ther Brothers Apothecary Sensualitea is their CBD Rose Tea.  It is an herbal tea blend that combines peppermint and bright floral notes.  Peppermint Tea may aid in healthy digestion and help add in freshening breath. Mint also has antibacterial properties.  Lemon Balm is a lemon scented perennial with serrated heart-shaped leaves (perfect for senualitiea). Native to the mediterranean and various regions in South Africa, it is widely cultivated for its promotion of a sense of calm. It was used traditionally to soothe the symptoms of stress and give a sense of relaxation.  Rose Petals have been used for medicinal and cultural purposes for centuries. There are over 130 species of roses and thousands of cultivars. They are high in antioxidants, polyphenols and gallic acid.  Rosehips are one of the oldest plants! They are fruits from a rose that appear in early summer and begin to ripen throughout late autumn. They begin to develop on wild roses and the flowers begin to drop off. They are a rich source of vitamin C.  Lavender is believed to be from the Mediterranean, Middle East and India, with history going back 2500 years. Lavender is a flowering plant from the mint family, it’s sweet floral fragrance and beauty has made it famous for multiple uses. It’s most commonly used in aromatherapy but it is also edible and can be used in tea. The flavor delivers a sweet and elegant flavor to whatever it is added too.  Horny Goat Weed known as Yin Yang Huo in Chinese Medicine, dates back over 2,000 years. It is one of the oldest herbs known to promote sexual health and wellness.

Sensualitea does not contain caffeine so it is a great tea to start sipping in the evening when trying to relax and unwind. It’s a great tea to enjoy at any time during the day. Remember, each bag can be used up to 2-3 times (and be sure to press and massage the bag with a spoon for maximum benefit!)

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Weight 7 oz